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Changes Beginning Tuesday at GPA

Good evening.

As we experience new beginnings with Pre-K and Kinder, we will need to make adjustments to our current traffic patterns.

Starting tomorrow, Aug. 23rd GPA, Pre-K students will have a new dismissal time of 2:30 pm.. Car rider routes for Pre-K are revised.

All Pre-K car riders will:
1. Line up on St. Matthew and continue west until you reach St. Paul
2. Pre-K students will be picked up in the designated bus lane behind GPA.

Please help our grass grow!

Due the excessive wear from football, soccer, and track usage we have replanted the interior, grassy area of the track. Please refrain from using this area so that it will be reestablished in time for fall usage. You may still use the track. Thank you for your help. Go Apaches!

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