Dual Credit - Victoria College


    Dual Credit allows a student to earn high school credit while completing a college course. Dual credit is part of Victoria College program, designed specifically for high school juniors and seniors ready for college-level instruction. Students who demonstrate college readiness on a placement exam can earn college and high school credits simultaneously by attending classes at their high school. Many of the classes are transferable to public colleges or universities in Texas, and some are accepted by out of state and private colleges.

    GHS Offers Dual Credit for the following courses:

    • English 4 DC
    • Government DC
    • Economics DC

    Cost for Dual Credit:

    • $25% of tuition

    Dual Credit Eligibility Requirements:

    • The student has a current admissions application on file with VC.
    • The student has an exceptional admission form with approval from their high school administrator, college designee and parent/guardian.
    • The student has taken an approved assessment:
      • TSI (reading, writing, and/or math relevant to the courses being taken) or
      • Exempt scores based on ACT or SAT.
      • For dual credit students who do not have exemption scores in all sections of the SAT and/or ACT, additional assessment will be required.
    • Students shall notify the dual credit coordinator if there is a change in their status at the college/university.
    • Credit shall not be awarded without the official presentation of the college transcript or grade report to the dual credit coordinator within five school days of the grades being posted.
    • Transportation is the responsibility of the parent and student. The district is not liable for injury occurring once the student leaves campus.
    • If a student earns a D or below, the student will be dropped from the program and may no longer take dual credit courses.
    • There is no guarantee of credits being transferred to other colleges or universities.
    • A Dual Credit course may be offered by more than one professor. GHS has no control over which students get placed into which class when this situation occurs.
    • Students will follow the College Calendar for the DC courses.
    • Students enrolling in DC with Victoria College will need to provide a deposit fee to enroll. This deposit is refundable at the end of the school year if the student completed the course satisfactory.