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How to Launch ClassLink

We would like to share some very important instructions on launching ClassLink for not only our online scholars but for our on campus scholars as well.
Once scholars log into Chromebook and/or home device please do the following:
1. Lauch Google Chrome Web Browser
2. Click on Address Bar at top of browser and type in
3. When you arrive to the Gonzales ISD ClassLink page (see image 1 for reference)
4. Then have scholar login Username: LastNameFirstInitial and then type in the password that was provided to scholar.
5. Once you are in ClassLink follow directions provided (see images 2 & 3).
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the campus with any questions you may have. Our administrators, faculty and staff are here to help in whatever way possible. #RisingTowardsExcellenceClassLink Instructions