Transportation / Pick-Up

Pick-Up Changes

**Pick-up changes need to be called in by 2:00pm**

**Pick-up changes ON EARLY RELEASE DAYS -  need to be called in by 11:00am**


Pick-Up Routine

Last Pickup at Window with picture id by 2:50pm with a photo id – window closes at 2:50pm

**Pick-up changes ON EARLY RELEASE DAYS - window pickup closes at 11:00 am**


Car Pick–Up Routine

No Walk-Ups, please. For everyone safety, please remain in your vehicle. A tag with your child’s name is required. Children will be loaded from the passenger side only.  If you do not have your tag at the pick-up locations, you will be asked to park and sign your child out at the front office, with a photo id. You will receive one free tag at Open House. Additional tags can be purchased for $5.