Ready Rosie

Ready Rosie!

Your FREE subscription to Ready Rosie will provide an interactive family engagement tool to help parents engage in easy, fun activities for learning!


What is Ready Rosie!

Ready Rosie is an online resource that delivers daily video-based emails in both Engligh and Spanish to parents, administrators, teachers, and caregivers.  The Ready Rosie videos feature real families modeling quick activities that can be done at home to promote success in school!  The video content features ideas and strategies for 0-6 year olds.


How do I register?

Families with children in Pre-k through 3rd grade will receive an invitation email from their teacher with the link to register.  Ready Rosie is available free of charge.


How does Ready Rosie work?

Once registered, families will begin receiving weekly emails/and or text messages with videos and activities.  You can also download the free ReadyRosie mobile app available for iPhone and Android devices.  Simply watch a video, do the activity modeled in the video with your child, and everyone learns something new!  The activities can be done at home, in the car, at the grocery store, restaurants - wherever real life happens.


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