Dr. Kimberly Strozier named as Interim Superintendent

A few words from Dr. Strozier:

GISD School and Community Family,
Here is a warm hello to all of you well into the second month of the New Year 2022! This semester of school is filled with excitement for our students. Days are busy with completing challenging curriculum, spring sports and activities and upcoming programs and graduation. While this letter presents a few updates and recognitions; we will continue to keep you posted on events over the next few months.

A note of appreciation to the incredible teachers and staff of GISD! Thank you for your efforts now and every day. There are no words to define the role of educators. The art of teaching and learning is anything but typical; it is an amazing accomplishment. To succeed in traversing through an unprecedented historical pandemic is beyond anything we have known. It is with respect and awe that I commend you. On behalf of the GISD Board of Trustees, we extend grateful appreciation to you for your commitment to the students of GISD.

As we know, change is inevitable. GISD has experienced change this semester and is in the process of planning for future district needs. As our faculty and staff work to perform to excellent outcomes for our students; the GISD School Board of Trustees is action planning and working diligently as a team to support growth in all areas with a focus on the Superintendency and the next district leader. As we maximize opportunities for students in these last months of school; the GISD School Board of Trustees anticipates action in decision making in efforts to move GISD forward to the greatest potential.

In the interim, I am honored and assume with pleasure the role of Interim Superintendent of Gonzales ISD.  GISD is an amazing school district. I was fortunate to have served as district superintendent for 9 years prior to my retirement in 2019. The cohesive work of teachers and staff and continuous community support make it a special place to live and learn. GISD serves over 2600 amazing students. A district this size provides
opportunity to really know each other and still offer ideal educational programming supporting students to prepare for the future whether college or vocationally career bound.

We have a unique community of support that our district enormously values. As I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends and colleagues, a grateful thank you is extended for your partnership and support for GISD. As we unite and reconnect, communications with you will be vital to success.

In the words of Leonardo de Vinci, “Time stays long enough, for those who use it.” We will blink and it will be another month ahead. Our time together with our students is a gift to use to the maximum. We are well into the second semester and our use of this time will be spent moving forward in delivery of teaching and learning and looking ahead with vision and joy at tomorrow’s possibilities.

While my time here will be short, I am committed to this school district. I am here to support and serve students, faculty and staff, and community always remembering the reason for our service as we focus on our

Absolute best wishes,
Kimberly Strozier, Ed.D.
Interim Superintendent Gonzales ISD