On Ramps Dual Enrollment Program

  • How OnRamps Dual Enrollment works

    OnRamps students are exposed to the academic and social expectations of a college classroom and the high-quality educational experiences to better prepare them for college success. They are empowered to take on the role of college student at a low risk, due in part to their status as non-matriculated, non-major students and our scaffolded support system.

    High School Face-to-Face Course

    Students are enrolled in a high school course on their local campus taught by a high school teacher. The University of Texas at Austin faculty and academic staff provide over 60 hours of professional learning and coaching per new teacher before the start of the school year and an additional 16 to 30 hours throughout the academic calendar. The teacher is responsible for all high school coursework, grading, and evaluation.

    Distance Education

    Students are separately enrolled in a college course delivered via distance education and offered through the University Extension within the Texas Extended Campus. The college course is led by a credentialed college Instructor of Record. The instructor is responsible for all college coursework, grading, and evaluation. The technology used to deliver the course via distance education is the same technology University residential students’ use.

    University Curriculum

    The University of Texas at Austin Faculty and academic staff design the full curriculum, including assessments, instructional materials, lectures, projects, and digital assets. Faculty receive nine months of content design, pedagogy, and instructional support for transforming their on-campus residential courses to distance education experiences of the highest quality.

    Why take OnRamps?
    OnRamps allows students to participate in college level coursework in a supportive environment and with a GHS teacher. GHS teachers partner with the UT Professor to assess student work to determine mastery. This experience provides an authentic entry point to college expectations for students and their families. OnRamps students learn first-hand what it takes to succeed in college, before they get there.

    OnRamps students who earn college credit receive a college transcript along with separate high school credit and a high school transcript. OnRamps college course credit is accepted at any public university of college in Texas as well as many private and non-Texas institutions.

    Who should take OnRamps?
    Students who have been in on-level courses but are ready for a challenge are great candidates for OnRamps. Also, students who have taken AP courses but maybe were not successful on the exam, receiving a 1 or 2, might benefit from an OnRamps course. OnRamps provides those students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning instead of one major exam. OnRamps is a good option for students who would like to challenge themselves in a low risk and supportive environment.

    Is there a cost to participate in one of the OnRamps courses?

    Our OnRamps program has a regular cost of $249/$199 per course. However, for the 2021-2022 academic year due to the 86th Texas legislative session, the prices have been reduced to $149 (or $99 for students who receive free and reduced lunch). This represents a large amount of savings for a university credit.

    Per Student Fee per College Course

    Regular Student Enrollment Fee

    Subsidized* Student Enrollment Fee

    Per Student



    Per Student

    (Free and Reduced Lunch)



    *Thanks to the 86th Texas Legislative Session, the appropriation that allows us to subsidize the cost of our program was reinstated.

    Below is a graph that shows a breakdown of the savings you can have by earning a college credit through OnRamps.

    Cost to Take the Course at a University

    On ramps Regular Cost

    GHS Student Cost per course  (After 86th Texas legislative)

    Savings by taking OnRamps Course

    For a 3 hour course  tuition only is about $1300 (This does not include any additional fees the university will charge)


    $199 for student receiving free and reduced lunch 


    $99 for students receiving free and reduces lunch


    To further simplify
    below is the breakdown of cost for the 2021-2022 OnRamps courses being offered at GHS.


    Cost for course

    College Algebra

    $149 or $99 for students receiving free and reduce lunch

    College Chemistry

    $149 or $99 for students receiving free and reduce lunch

    English 1301 & 1302

    $298 or $198 for students receiving free and reduce lunch

    History 1301 & 1302

    $298 or $198 for students receiving free and reduce lunch