• The purpose of the Apache Flames Drill team is to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship.  The team members perform at football games, basketball games, soccer games, pep rallies, community events (parades, community pep rally), and any other activity designated by the directors.  In addition, the Apache Flames develop character, leadership and individual responsibility in each member with high moral standards.  The main purpose of the Apache Flames drill team is to represent GISD and the Gonzales community in a positive manner.

    Membership in this organization is restricted to students in grades 9-12.  Students must be enrolled in Gonzales High School (Gonzales Junior High for eighth graders) to audition and accept a position on the team. Try outs are held during the month of February and or March.  If you make the team your responsible for the payment of $1300.00 to be on the team.

    The team will consist of “up to” 30 members-25-line members and 5 officers.  Officers will include (in order of rank) a Captain,Co-Captain, and three lieutenants.  For questions, you can contact

    Kelsie Remschel – kelsie.remschel@gonzalesisd.net

    Twila Huber – twila.huber@gonzalesisd.net