• Coach of the Year

    Kodi Crane

    Defensive player of the year

    Jared Esparza

    Offensive Player of the year

    James Martinez

    1st team

    Full back-Ja’Corveon Walton

    Tight end-Lion Williamson

    Center-Nico Anzaldua

    Guard-Larry Gomez

    Tackle-Alex Villa

    Punter-Adrian Rodriguez

    Defensive End-Lion Williamson

    Inside Linebacker-Isaac Longoria

    Tight Safety-Kenneth Cavit

    Outside Linebacker-Seth Gibson

    2nd Team

    Full back-Contrell Smith

    Receiver-Heber Cardona

    Guard-Cameron Mileham

    Defensive Line-Trent Wilkerson

    Defensive End-Diego Diaz DeLeon

    Safety-Heath Henke

    Offensive Wildcat

    Desmond Bolden

    Defensive Wildcat

    Vicente Reyna

    Honorable Mention

    Matthew Velazquez-Banda

    Domingo Garcia

    Eduardo Izaguirre

    Christopher Box

    Michael Bosquez

    Arbreyon Dora

    Zach Davis

    Jorge Cervantes

    Matthew Almaraz

    Cole Hendershot

    Daniel Cruz

    Academic All District

    Lion Williamson

    Seth Gibson

    Coby Rodriguez

    James Martinez

    Heath Henke

    Christopher Box

    Heber Cardona

    Zach Davis

    Christian Gomez

    Diego Diaz Deleon

    Jared Esparza

    Nico Anzaldua

    Cole Hendershot

    Vicente Reyna

    Brady Oakes

    Alex Villa

     Matthew Almaraz


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  • The Texas Army National Guard and the Texas High School Coaches Association are proud to recognize the 2018-19 Academic All-State Recipients
    Player Matthew Almaraz Football Gonzales 2nd Team 
    Player Christopher Box Football Gonzales Honorable Mention 
    Player Zach Davis Football Gonzales Honorable Mention 
    Player Seth Gibson Football Gonzales 2nd Team 
    Player Vicente Reyna Football Gonzales 2nd Team 

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  • Volleyball All-District Honors


    1st team 

     Haley Sample -soph (Middle)

    Chelsie Hastings -Senior (OH)


    2nd Team

    Kiley Allen (JR. Setter)


    Honorable Mention

    Maura Garcia (-Senior OH)

    Sam Barnick (Soph. Libero) 

    Rachael Staggs  Jr.  (OH)


    All District Academic

    Chelsie Hastings Sr

    Maura Garcia Sr

    Kiley Allen Jr. 

    Becca Baker Jr

    Rachael Staggs Jr.

    Sandra Palacios jr. 

    Samantha Barnick soph

    Hayley Sample soph

    Payten Ruddock soph

    Madelyn Brown  soph

    Maddie Pirkle  soph

    Abbie Belin   soph

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