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    APACHE Way Magnet


    Gonzales ISD is thrilled to have the opportunity to come together as one to empower our youth with great strengths to face all opportunities that they come to. 

    GISD will continually empower our students with virtues and pride for themselves, their family and their community. Throughout the school year you will be introduced to The APACHE Way. It is what we are and what we will become. The APACHE Way stands as a guide for a lifetime of success. Through the APACHE Way our students will learn how to perform in all paths of life and become all they can be. Students will learn too the ability to act independently or work well with others in any work or social activity.   They will participate with passion for a long term goal combined with the perseverance to achieve it and do so with an attitude of self-discipline and the ability to regulate what one feels and does.  Our students will communicate with respect and courage in a “good” voice for what is right for one’s self and others. We will model for our students, the act of helping.  Students will be honorable by helping others in displays of volunteerism and helping themselves by obeying the rules. Last, our students will have a work “effort” of perseverance in spite of obstacles in all opportunities.

    With these characteristics the youth of Gonzales will exemplify the greatness of GISD, the community of Gonzales and most importantly your family. We are honored to teach each student that walks through our halls not only the needed academics but also virtues and honor for themselves. As the year continues we look forward to the success that all students will have in classroom, in the community and at home as we follow the APACHE Way.


  • Students attending North Avenue and Gonzales Junior High will be participating in face to face lessons through the Owning Up and Olweus Bully Prevention curriculum. With the guidance of school staff, the District Behavior Specialist and other guest speakers the students will participate in class discussions, role playing, and activities as they explore common social situations. Through these lesson students will also analyze their individual reactions and responses to social situations as well as how to handle or address these areas in an appropriate manner. 

    Students in grades 9-12 will also participate in a face to face program that will reinforce the proper use of technology and social media. The program was developed by the center for missing and exploited children. 

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  • Students attending Gonzales Primary Academy and East Avenue Primary are instructed by teachers that have been equipped with the skills to model and teach social emotional learning strategies. Conscious Discipline is a researched based teaching strategy that allows teachers to model and teach students how to handle conflicts, stress and consequence in a positive and calming manner to encourage and support a safe school environment. Conscious Discipline focuses on creating a school family to provide safety which allows students to be ready to learn in a stress free environment. Conscious Discipline also teaches students and staff how to address conflicts and choices with positive decision making strategies. 

    More information can be found at ConsciousDiscipline.com

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  • Gonzales Primary Academy and Gonzales Junior High have received a grant for the purchase of Watch D.O.G.S. 

    The program will welcome male role models and family members into the schools for 1 full day. Participants will have the opportunity to spend the day with their student and the school to help support positive friendship skills and learning throughout the day. 

    Training and sign ups to become a Watch D.O.G.S. will be on Aug 27th from 6-7 for JH and on Aug 28th from 6-7 at GPA. 

    If you are unable to visit with us on one of these two days please contact Sarah Gottwald at the Administration Office for details. 

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