• Welcome, our Gonzales ISD Special Services staff is here to provide support for our students with special needs.  Please contact us if we can assist you.
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    Free Support Group for GISD Students

    4 Sessions—each session is 1 hour


    January 30, 2018—5:30 pm—East Avenue Primary Cafeteria


    Session 1:  Parent Meeting (for parents)


          Parents learn about the information to be presented during the sibling support

          group meetings


    February 27, 2018—5:30 pm—East Avenue Primary Cafeteria


    Session 2:  Understanding Your Sibling with Autism (for siblings)


           Information about Autism


    April 24, 2018—5:30 pm—East Avenue Primary Cafeteria


    Session 3:  Everyday Issues, Problems, and Coping Skills (for siblings)


          Group discussions/activities about issues siblings face and how to cope with them


    May 15, 2018—5:30 pm—East Avenue Primary Cafeteria


    Session 4:  You Are Special!  (for siblings and parents)


           Show & Tell of unique talents/interests


    Facilitator:  Isabel “Kitty” Ramos Echandi, MEd, LSSP, LPA


    To register and for more information email Kitty Ramos Echandi

    at:  isabel.echandi@gonzalesisd.net or call 830.672.2826, ext. 6115.


    If you call, please leave your name, your child’s name, and a good

    contact number.

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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
James Alford Licensed Specialist in School Psychology - Transition and Employment Services james.alford@gonzalesisd.net
Dr. Lydia Bartlett Assistant Superintendent: Academics and Special Programs lydia.bartlett@gonzalesisd.net 830-672-9551 x1550
Amber Becker Speech Language Pathologist-A amber.becker@gonzalesisd.net
Sheila Etzler Occupational Therapist sheila.etzler@gonzalesisd.net
Deanna Garcia Federal Programs and Special Population Secretary deanna.garcia@gonzalesisd.net 830-672-9551
Imelda Hinojosa Speech Language Pathologist-A imelda.hinojosa@gonzalesisd.net
Erin Lindemann-LaBuhn Interim Director of Special Education Programs erin.labuhn@gonzalesisd.net
Isabel "Kitty" Ramos Echandi Licensed Specialist in School Psychology isabel.echandi@gonzalesisd.net
Loretta Schurig Dyslexia Teacher loretta.schurig@gonzalesisd.net
Jacquelyn Pennington Speech Language Pathologist jacquelyn.pennington@gonzalesisd.net
Elizabeth Ruiz-Hewell Licensed Specialist in School Psychology elizabeth.ruiz@gonzalesisd.net
Misty Lucas Speech Language Pathologist misty.lucas@gonzalesisd.net
Krislyn Zambrano Special Programs Facilitator krislyn.zambrano@gonzalesisd.net
Linda Bazan Special Programs Facilitator maria.bazan@gonzalesisd.net
Jennifer Crouch Special Programs Facilitator jennifer.crouch@gonzalesisd.net
Jennifer Swift Special Programs Facilitator jennifer.swift@gonzalesisd.net

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