• The Special Populations Department includes many different groups of students at GISD including:
    Gonzales ISD has a gifted/talented program for students in grades K-12 who are identified as having outstanding potential abilities in general intellectual areas. This program stresses critical and creative thinking, problem solving, self-directed research and independent study, and the creation of innovative products. In the elementary schools, students are served through a pull-out program in which the students have the opportunity to work with gifted and talented students in their grade level. In the secondary schools, students are clustered within the honors/advanced core curriculum classes. Therefore, the program is designed for those who are very capable and can master skills quickly.

    The purpose of this program is to offer an individual intensive multi-sensory program for those identified students exhibiting characteristics associated with dyslexia.  This program's goal is to teach those students strategies and the rules of the English language to help accelerate the reading, writing, and spelling skills used in the regular classroom and in everyday life. 

    Gonzales ISD offers Bilingual and ESL (English as a Second Language) programs.  Bilingual Dual Language programs are offered to PreK through 6th graders.  ESL programs are offered to PreK through 12th graders.


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    Homeless Education - McKinney-Vento Act Services
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    Foster Care
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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Dr. Lydia Bartlett Assistant Superintendent lydia.bartlett@gonzalesisd.net 830-672-9551
Robin Trojcak Director: Special Programs robin.trojcak@gonzalesisd.net 830-672-9551
Erin LaBuhn Director: Special Education Programs erin.labuhn@gonzalesisd.net 830-672-9551
Deanna Garcia Secretary, Federal Programs & Special Populations deanna.garcia@gonzalesisd.net 830-672-9551

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