Goals, Mission, & Vision

  • 2017-18 School Year Goals

    • GISD will provide a broad array of learning opportunities to meet the needs and aspirations of each student to reach exemplary status, high school completion and post graduate success.
    • GISD will provide for safety and order ensuring a climate conducive to learning.
    • GISD will work collaboratively with parents and community to maximize learning opportunities and unity of focus in education.
    • GISD will retain caring, passionate and highly qualified personnel.
    • GISD will maintain exemplary fiscal responsibility.
    • GISD will provide facilities conducive to accomplish our vision objectives.



    GISD is committed to a spirit of excellence in caring service and partnerships that equip students for continuous learning supporting resilience in achieving personal aspirations, compassionate and dynamic citizenship in an ever-changing world.


    2018-19 School Year Goals

    • Goal 1: GISD will provide a strong foundation of reading and math. 
    • Goal 2: GISD will provide for connection of high school to career and college.
    • Goal 3: GISD will provide for improvement of low-performing schools.
    • Goal 4: GISD will provide for recruitment, support, and retention of teachers and principals.
    • Supporting Standard 1: GISD ensures safety, order, organizational foundations and legislative compliance supporting learning.
    • Supporting Standard 2: GISD ensures collaboration with parents and community supporting learning.
    • Supporting Standard 3: GISD ensures exemplary fiscal responsibility, supporting learning. 
    • Supporting Standard 4: GISD ensures facilities are conducive in supporting learning.   



    Excellence for all.