GJH cheerleaders to perform in Thanksgiving day parade at The Walt Disney Resort.


Ashlynn Clack and Lainey Witzkoske from Gonzales Junior High School in Gonzales, Texas, are two of more than 800 elementary, junior high, and high school cheerleaders and dancers from across the country that will represent Varsity Spirit in the 2023 Thanksgiving Tour at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.
The individuals invited to perform are part of a select group of cheerleaders and dancers chosen as All-Americans during Varsity Spirit summer camps across the country. All-Americans are selected via tryout based on either superior cheerleading or dance skills at camps operated by the Universal Cheerleaders Association (CA), Universal Dance Association (UDA), National Cheerleaders Association (NCA), National Dance Alliance (NDA), or Urban Cheerleading Experience (UCE). Only the top 15% of the cheerleaders and dancers from Varsity Spirit camps earn the chance to march in a holiday parade of this caliber.
Ashlynn and Lainey will perform with the Varsity Spirit All-Americans in a one-of-a-kind performance through Disney's Magic Kingdom® Park during Thanksgiving week. Besides enjoying a sunny trip to Orlando, All-Americans will have the opportunity to meet cheerleaders and dancers from across the nation and enjoy a magical holiday season at Walt Disney World® Resort parks.
Ashlynn stated, "I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity to participate in the Varsity Spirit Spectacular parade at DisneyWorld. I'm looking forward to performing with Lainey and being able to meet other cheerleaders who are coming from across the U.S. It is also a great honor and privilege to represent GJHS".
Lainey stated, "I am most excited and looking forward to performing on Main Street USA, in front of the castle, while alongside my classmate! While honored to be representing GJHS cheer. I am also looking forward to all the yummy treats and spending quality time with my family."
The Varsity All-American program is celebrating more than 30 years of choosing camp standouts.
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