Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Gonzales ISD Police Officers real?  Yes, The Texas Education Code, Chapter 37.081 gives the local Boards of Education the authority to establish a School District Police Department.  Police Officers employed by Gonzales ISD are Texas Certified police officers pursuant to Article 2.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures and Chapter 37.081 of the Texas Educations Code.
    Can we arrest people off school campus?  Yes, The Texas Education Code authorizes the local Board of Education to define jurisdiction of its School District Police Department. Our Gonzales ISD Board of Education established the jurisdiction of the School District Police Department as including all territory within the geographical boundaries of the District and all property real or personal, outside the geographical boundaries of the District that is owned, leased, rented by or otherwise under the District's control. Our jurisdiction travels with any and all Gonzales ISD students and employees during all times that they are engaged in school district sanctioned events.
    Can a Gonzales ISD Police Officer issue a ticket off school properties?  Yes, as a certified police officer, a Gonzales ISD Police Officer has the duty and responsibility to take appropriate action when observing or obtaining information that a violation of a Federal, State or local statute has occurred. It is the School District Police Departments primary responsibility to have our officers concentrate their efforts on our campuses and school zones.
    What if I disagree with an officer?  You may file a complaint using the following form.