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    Medication Information

    Medication will not be given if a parent or guardian has not provided written permission.

    1. Parents should make every effort to schedule the student's medication in a manner that medicine brought to school will be kept at a minimum.

    2. Parents or guardians should transport medication to and from school. All medication must be taken directly to the Health Office.

    3. Parents must provide medications given to their child during school hours.

    4. All medicine must be in a properly labeled bottle including over the counter medicine. All prescription medication labels must include the following: patient's name, dosage, hours for administering, doctor's name and the date prescription was filled. Over-the-counter medication must be in the original container and be appropriate for your child to take.

    5. Parents/guardians must provide written consent for any medication to be given to their child during school hours.

    6. Prescription medication kept at school longer than two weeks will require a health care provider written request provided the medication is in properly labeled prescription container. Over-the-counter medication kept at school longer than two weeks may require a written request from a health care provider at the request of the nurse. Again, all medications require parent/guardian written consent for medication to be given.

    7. Students assume responsibility for coming to the health office to take their medicine.

    8. Unused medications must be picked up by the last day of the school year unless arrangements have been made with the school nurse. Medication not picked up will be destroyed. No medication will be stored over the summer.

    Note: If herbal or dietary supplements are requested, please contact the appropriate campus nurse.