Hearing and Vision Requirements per TDSHS:


    • 4-years-old by September 1 
    • Kindergartners
    • Any other first-time entrants 
      (4 years* through 12th grade) 
    • 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th graders Anytime within the school year(preferably with the first 120 days or withing the first semester)
      • Although not required by Chapter 36, Department of Family and Protective Services licensed child care center and licensed child care home are encouraged to screen all children younger than 4 years of age who can reliably respond to the screening tests outlined in the Department of State Health Service's vision and hearing screening protocols. 


    Scoliosis Screening Requirements per TDSHS:

    Grade-based screening is considered an acceptable alternative to age-based screening in a school setting.  The grades, however, must align with the professionally recommended ages so that most children are screened at the appropriate age, or as close to it as reasonably possible.

    In compliance with Health and Safety Code, Chapter 37, all children shall undergo screening for abnormal spinal curvature in accordance with the following schedule:

    • Girls will be screened two times, once at age 10 (or fall semester of grade 5) and again at age 12 (or fall semester of grade 7).
    • Boys will be screened one time at age 13 or 14 (or fall semester of grade 8).


    For more information regarding the required screenings in the state of Texas, please refer to the GISD handbook and the TDSHS website at: